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2 May 2023 - 3 May 2023
Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina
International B2B meetings Mostar fair 2023

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International B2B meetings at Mostar fair 2023!

Targeted meetings to gain new business contacts

INTERA Technology Park Mostar and Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina together with co-organizers and with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is organizing International B2B meetings at Mostar Fair!
These B2B meetings are a unique opportunity to find suppliers, partners, customers or just new business contacts that can open up new business opportunities in cooperation with SMEs from Bosnia & Herzegovina and the Western Balkans region, with diverse lineup of companies from several countries and sectors.

Take advantage of one or both B2B sessions available:
> First day May 2nd, 13:00 - 18:00

   > ONSITE B2B session (Pavilion 1, Conference room 3)
> Second day May 3rd, 09:00 - 18:00

   > ONLINE B2B session (here at B2match event platform)

Sectors represented

  • Equipment and machinery 
  • ICT
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Agri-food
  • Tourism
  • Technical and financial services
  • Retail

Why participate?

B2B meetings are the most effective way to identify international partners - choose your meetings according to your needs based on information about other participants. This will eventually turn into a list of meetings that take place at the specific location and time. You will get your own list of meetings at least one day before the B2B event itself.

Participation in these B2B meetings is free of charge, and a confirmed registration is also a ticket to the Mostar Fair.

Timing and deadlines

  • Till 1 May - Register for participation
  • From 10 April till 3 May - Book your B2B meetings
  • 2 May and 3 May - International B2B Meetings at Mostar Fair 2023

    Closed since 2 May 2023
    Location International Mostar Fair
    Organised by
    Bosnia And Herzegovina 49
    Serbia 26
    Hungary 9
    Greece 9
    Croatia 6
    Montenegro 6
    Slovenia 4
    Italy 4
    Ukraine 4
    Romania 3
    Türkiye 2
    North Macedonia 2
    Namibia 1
    Lithuania 1
    France 1
    India 1
    Austria 1
    Israel 1
    Netherlands 1
    Germany 1
    Slovakia 1
    Total 133